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Press Review

The media regularly reports on CLUBHAUS AG, its facilities and products. Here you can read and see what the press is saying about our offers.

Andreas Eckhoff, the owner of the AEMEDIA agency, is always available to answer any questions and further requests. Also you find detailed information in our press kit below. 

All articles as well as the press kit are only available in German.

Media Contact

Hammerbrookstraße 93
20097 Hamburg

Telefon: +49 (0)40 25335805
E-Mail: info (at), July 2015 is a golf website that reports on golf courses, golf trips and golf politics. The portal supports the elimination of bureaucratic hurdles in golf and promotes innovative ideas – such as the subject of GolfCity crowdinvesting.

Fundscene, July 2015

Fundscene, the magazine for innovative financial strategies, reports on the GolfCity crowdfunding project that collected over 600,000 Euro in two weeks.

Hamburger Abendblatt, July 2015

The financial section of the Hamburger Abendblatt newspaper publishes a portrait of CLUBHAUS AG and describes the plans of CEO Alexander Freiherr von Spoercken to bring golf courses to the big city applying the GolfCity concept.

golfmanager 01/15

Are out-of-town memberships a way to introduce new golfers to the game and convince them to purchase a full membership  – and does that make them a blessing to the industry?  Answers given by Christian Köhler, Managing Director of Deutsche Golf Marketing GmbH, in the golfing magazine golfmanager.

Business & People, March 2015

Business & People, the business magazine for southern Hamburg and Lüneburg, reports in depth on the Heide-Golf-Card, a product introduced by the CLUBHAUS AG subsidiary Golf Marketing GmbH.

CLUB! – Business Club Hamburg, March 2015

Two member of the Business Club Hamburg recount their experiences in gaining "Germany's fastest Platzreife" (qualification to play on German courses) at Schloss Lüdersburg.

Süddeutsche Zeitung, October 2014

Hermann Bögle is Operations Manager of the new GolfCity München Puchheim. The Süddeutsche Zeitung reports on the man who, after GolfCity Köln Pulheim, is already starting up his second GolfCity course.

Fürstenfeldbrucker Tageblatt, October 2014

GolfCity München Puchheim is gearing up for pre-opening in October 2014. The Fürstenfeldbrucker Tageblatt reports in detail on the launch.


License to hit – Learn to play golf in one day: The Welt and WELT am SONNTAG author tried to gain "Platzreife" in just one day at Schloss Lüdersburg.

Golf Inc. Magazine, January 2014

Golf Inc. Magazine named the 10 most powerful people in Europe, amongst them as number seven: Alexander Baron von Spoercken.

Sueddeutsche Zeitung, golf spiele, October 2013

"We need to approach the people", says Alexander Freiherr von Spoercken in an interview with golf spielen, a supplement of the daily newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung.

International Golf Pro News, October 2013

In the british magazine Baron von Spoercken talks about the importance of Golf professionals to the clubs.

Golf Inc., Fall 2013

Being the president of the European Golf Course Owner Association Alexander Freiherr von Spoercken talks in an interview with the american magazin Golf Inc. about the future of the sport.

club! – Business Club Hamburg, August 2013

Using a new format the Golf Matchplay Series of Business Club Hamburg took place at Schloss Lüdersburg – with a stirring atmosphere that was reminiscent of a football Champions League game.

Nordwirtschaft, august 2013

What can be done to accelerate the growth of Golf? Alexander Freiherr von Spoercken gives answers to this question in the magazin Nordwirtschaft and criticises excessive regulations in Germany.

Golfpunk, august 2013

Elegant fashion meets classy ambience – once more Schloss Lüdersburg was the perfect location for a fashion photo shoot for Golfpunk magazine.

Golfpunk, august 2013

Mission impossible? Or is it really possible to get the golf license after only one day of practice? Golfpunk magazine put the course at Schloss Lüdersburg to the test.

ChiliGOLF, august 2013

"The German Golf Association should vanish into thin air", says Alexander Freiherr von Spoercken in an interview with app-magazine chiliGOLF. 

Golfpunk, july 2013

"Very smartly dressed" - that's how the magazine Golfpunk presents the new Golf fashion. The photo shoot took place at Schloss Lüdersburg.

Golfmagazin, July 2013

The Golfmagazin put Golfanlage Schloss Nippenburg to test and rated the golfclub with top marks in all categories. Especially the course with its 18 holes impressed as a "masterpiece".

Schwäbische Zeitung, 1.06.2013

In an interview with daily newspaper "Schwäbische Zeitung" Alexander Freiherr von Spoercken talks about cliches, the future of golf and his personal fascination for this sport.

chiliGOLF, June 2013

Schloss Lüdersburg offers "Germany's fastest golf licence in only three days. Golfmagazin-App chiliGOLF tested the course and kept the minutes.

Abendzeitung, 4.05.2013

During an interview with daily newspaper "Die Abendzeitung" Alexander Freiherr von Spoercken talks about stereotypes and the future of golf and he explains why the time of the "Platzreife" in Germany has come to an end.

Golfmagazin, May 2013

Alexander Freiherr von Spoercken faces up to the questions of Golfmagazin during an interview in his office in Lüdersburg.

Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung, 27.04.2013

"Not everyone of the 700.000 golf players are driving a Ferrari", says Alexander Freiherr von Spoercken in an interview with the daily newspaper Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung.

Hafencity Zeitung, april 2013

Local magazine, the "Hafencity Zeitung", in Hamburg reports on the nomination of Alexander Freiherr von Spoercken as president of the European Golf Cours Owners Association.

chiliGOLF, april 2013

Magazine app chiliGOLF presents Schloss Lüdersburg as the insider tipp of the month and describes the resort as a lovely treasure with two romantic 18-hole-courses.

Stuttgarter Zeitung, 28.03.2013

"The proficiency certificate is an antiquated ritual", says Alexander Freiherr von Spoercken in an interview. The president of the European Golf Course Owners Association also states his opinion on the image of golf in general.

Landeszeitung, 19.02.2013

After being elected first german president of the European Golf Course Owners Association Alexander Freiherr von Spoercken talks about the development of golf in Germany as well as in other countries.

BILD, 16.02.2013

The daily newspaper BILD reports on Alexander Freiherr von Spoercken who became president of the European Golf Course Owners Association EGCOA.

Die Welt, 25.07.2012

"Golf in Germany is suffering from a swollen bureaucracy", says Alexander Freiherr von Spoercken in an article of the daily newspaper "Die Welt".

Hamburger Abendblatt, 05.07.2012

Daily newspaper "Hamburger Abendblatt" started its serial about regional golfclubs with a portrait of Schloss Lüdersburg.

Wirtschaftsrat, Nr.2 2012

You can deepen existing business contacts, find new ones and have lots of fun - the Matchplay series of Business Club Hamburg started succesfully.

Hamburger Abendblatt, 03.07.2012

Cool and easy - Schloss Lüdersburg offers "Germany's fastest golf license" in only three days. The daily newspaper "Hamburger Abendblatt" tested, if it is really possible to learn the sport within such a short period of time.

Golfmagazin, July 2012

Golfmagazin put together a list of the Top 50 most important personalities of the german golfsport. Alexander Freiherr von Spoercken made it into the Top 10 and was ranked seventh.

club! – Business Club Hamburg, March 2012

The magazin club! published by the Business Club Hamburg has portrayed Alexander Freiherr von Spoercken calling him a "The Revolutioniser".

Golfmagazin, 23.11.2010

Alexander Freiherr von Spoercken is a golfing liberalist. His CLUBHAUS AG is polarising the German golfing community. GOLFMAGAZIN joined him at Schloss Lüdersburg for an expert discussion.

Golfmagazin, 22.07.2009

Whether by train, by car or by bicycle: GolfCity facilities, the new concept from CLUBHAUS AG,
are always within easy reach. 
GOLFMAGAZIN paid a visit to GolfCity in Cologne, Pulheim.

Welt am Sonntag, 12.07.2009

Prior to joining Schloss Lüdersburg as a golf pro, Bruce McAlister worked at one of Scotland's golfing Mecca's: Turnberry. As a golf instructor he is among Germany’s finest, writes the WELT AM SONNTAG.

mobil, 01.07.2009

Quick and spirited. Author Frank Schulz ventured into unknown territory for “Mobil”, the customer magazine of the German national railway: At Schloss Lüdersburg he completed “Germany’s fastest golf license”.

Die Welt, 27.05.2009

Hamburg’s new golf alliance: Five clubs are staking everything on one card. The Hanse Golf Card is primarily designed to attract tourists.

Golf Magazin, 20.05.2009

The new hotel has made the golf course at Schloss Lüdersburg in Lüneburg even more attractive. Guests will be treated to a compact top-class German golf resort!

Der Spiegel, 11.05.2009

“Many people have more time”
Alexander Freiherr von Spoercken, 62, Chairman of the German Association of Golf Courses, speaks about the effects of the crisis.